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Singapore Kong Chow Wui Koon 新加坡冈州会馆 (1840 – Present) 

Singapore Kong Chow Wui Koon was established in 1840. It is one of the oldest Chinese Clan associations in Singapore. The association was first located at Chinatown Pearl Street, commonly known as “Tofu” street, which means “Bean Curd” street by the locals. In 1924, the association moved to the present site. 1929, the association formed the Kong Chow School. During the Japanese Occupation (February 1942 to August 1945), the site was used as the Red Cross Association Headquarters to provide medical treatment, medicine, and even porridge.

After Singapore gained Independence, the association restarted the Kong Chow School till 1968. Since after, the association has been giving out scholarships to the offsprings of association members, to encourage them to strive for excellence in education. In 1939, the Martial Arts and Lion Dance troupe was formed. Subsequently, the association formed the Acrobatic Cycling troupe, the Opera Singing troupe, the Social Affairs section, and the Dragon Dance troupe to preserve our traditional Chinese culture.

To nurture the next generation of leaders to take over the association’s reins, the Lion Dance troupe established the Youth Lion Dance troupe.

新加坡冈州会馆是广东县同乡的组织,新会的旧名”冈州”. 冈州会馆成立于1840年, 是新加坡古老的会馆之一. 早期在珍珠街, 俗称豆腐街. 1924 年购置现址, 重建会所. 1929 年在会所办冈州义学. 日治时期 (1942 年2月至1945年8月) 会所作为红十字会施诊所, 施医赠药, 甚至施粥.

光复后, 会馆复办冈州学校, 到了1968年停办, 过后即颁发奖学金, 鼓励会员子女努力向学. 1939 年成立国术醒狮团. 会馆自1947年起便陆续成立飞车队, 乐剧部及群育部, 接着成立纱龙队和大力推动华族传统文化活动.

为了培养接班人, 醒狮团成立了幼狮团培养少年儿童继承传统文化.

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